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On the West Coast of the Western Cape lies Shelley Point, about 150 km north of Cape Town, perfectly positioned between Saldanha and Port Owen. It is a beautiful part of the world, this previously undiscovered coastline, that boasts an abundance of crayfish, abalone, mussels, dolphins, cormorants, whales, seals, the rare oystercatcher and little to break the miles of the white,  sandy beaches other than a few fishing villages.

Shelley Point is a little peninsula that almost gives it the illusion of being an island surrounded by sea.  It lies in the calm waters of Shelley Bay that provide
superb sailing opportunities, shallow, safe water for children, fishing opportunities and world-class surfing at spots known as "heaven" and "hell".

Interestingly, Shelley Point is regarded as the site where Vasco Da Gama first set foot on the South African coast, and a museum has been erected on Shelley Point in celebration of his discoveries. It's also the site of the Shelley Point golf estate offering a 9-hole golf course and some wonderful leisure facilities, such as a spa in their Wellness Centre. But if you're not a golf enthusiast then the sheer pleasure of unspoiled coast- line, scenic walks, sand dunes, collecting mussels and general winding down on a gorgeous coastline should win hands down.

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